Exit the Matrix.Enter the Membership.

Not resonating with the 3D mainstream matrix anymore?

Join the 5d Mamas

If you’re tired of the 3D mainstream narrative of
fear, division, judgement, limitation, lack…

And you’re longing for high vibe 5D convos,

then make yourself a part of this community


5D Mamas Monthly

Membership Includes:

  • 5D Mamas Monthly Meetup [via Zoom]
  • Community of freedom, truth & soul sisters [we all need this]
  • Forum for truth & 5D convo [which is like oxygen rightnow]
  • Monthly theme [to keep us in that 5D headspace!]
  • Invite-a-friend [& more!]

Your 5D Guide

I'm no guru...

Just a fellow mama lightworker.

I created this community because we need a safe space away from social media to really speak our 100% truth, put our hearts together, and light each other UP.

When we’re lit up, we align with the Universe, and that’s when we can access 5D where all possibilities & solutions exist ✨

No one is coming to save us. We, the mamas of this planet, will be the ones who nurture humanity back to health–physically, mentally, spiritually–starting with ourselves.

If you’re inspired by the possibilities of the kind of world we could co-create together, become a 5D Mama and let’s get to work!

Love Mama Coco xo.

The Tribe

You are not alone.

Find your fellow sisters who are:

  • Awake to the Truth
  • Concerned for the Future
  • Medical Freedom Fighters
  • Protecting the Children
  • Aligned with Nature
  • Heart Centred

The Vibe


5D is about love, truth, unity, compassion, possibility, abundance…so in this group we’ll discuss:

5D Solutions

  • We can't tune into solutions if we're focused on the problem.
    We need to imagine beyond our circumstances, and if we do it in a group it's infinitely more powerful!


  • Awareness that WE create the future, it is not yet written.
    Spiritual sovereignty is the highest form of empowerment!


  • Out light will inspire your light, which will inspire others!
    This never ending ripple effect is how we raise the consciousness of each other & the planet


  • Awareness of the dark makes us see how bright we must SHINE.
    If this is a spiritual war between light and dark, we must individually blast our light.

Free Speech

  • Holding space for open, honest discourse from the heart.
    5D Mamas hold space for Freedom of Speech & facilitate uncensored questions & answers.

Medical Freedom

  • We stand for freedom to make personal medical decisions
    No judgement if you chose to have the jab (or not)–this is a safe space for all who believe body autonomy is a basic right.


  • 5D Mamas Monthly Zoom Meetup
  • Community of truth, love & soul sisters
  • Forum for high-vibe 5D convo
  • Monthly theme
  • Invite-a-friend!
Enter the Membership


Here are some FAQs that help describe this membership:

What is 5D?

The higher your vibration, the higher your emotional state. 5D is the top level of the upper half of the Emotional Guidance Scale:

What is 3D?

The lower your vibration, the lower your emotional state. 3D is the bottom level of the lower half of the Emotional Guidance Scale:

Why paid membership vs FB group?

I made the leap over to a paid membership platform because there is simply too much censorship on social media.

I will find a way to speak my truth, so if that means I need to start a party in a separate forum, so be it.

Anyone who wants to listen (and share their truth, too!) can join this badass community for less than 40 cents per day 🙂

Is 5D Mamas only for mothers?

Absolutely not! Our 5D Mamas tend to have a certain maternal instinct for humanity, the children, the animals, and the planet.

Although we have the same divine feminine, nurturing energy in common, not all have given birth in this lifetime.

What capabilities does the group have?

Inside the membership app, there’s a main feed where you’ll see everyone’s posts, which you can engage with.

The main feed is where my live videos will appear, and our monthly meetups will be held here as well.

You’ll also create your own member profile and have the ability to direct message me, another mama, or create group threads!

This allows you to deeply connect and forge relationships with like-hearted soul sisters.

What if I don't like it?

This group is definitely not for everyone, and if you join and aren’t feeling it, I commend you for trying something new!

You can cancel your membership anytime, no questions asked.