A little bit About Corinne

Hey there!

Thanks for visiting my About Page! My name is Corinne and hopefully by now, you know a bit about the work I do in the world.

Now let’s get more personal…

These boys, who I’m raising on the east coast of Canada, have seen me through the last decade of building a business and a family. Two full time jobs.

I graduated in 2010 as a Naturopathic Doctor and jumped right into my own Prenatal Naturopathic Clinic. Eventually I was running a clinic, seeing patients, attending births AND had a baby of my own in 2011!

My life swung way out of balance, and I knew something had to give. I gave up my practice in 2014–and subsequently, my ND title in 2017 in exchange for freedom to run my business as I pleased.

Flash forward to today…

I’ve created a 100% online heart-centered business called Brownroots Love and a game-changing online Natural Labour Preparation program called Love Your Labour©.

I moved my business online in order to live my most authentic high-vibe life, create a fulfilling career, and be home with my boys.

Having an online program that’s accessible from anywhere lets me impact your birth, no matter where you live in the world!

Your confidence & empowerment are my #1 goal.

That’s why I have this website, all my YouTube videos, my books, my On-Demand Natural Labour Prep Webinar, and the Love Your Labour© program. . .

I’m using my platform to get us back to our roots and share the truth that natural birth is beautiful and badass!

Since we’re on the About Page, and you’ve read all the way to the bottom, let me take off my “Online Entrepreneur” hat and let you in on some more fun facts about the real, true, authentic Corinne.

When I’m not growing my biz, writing books, or filming & editing videos…

I’m a crazy car-dancing mom with 3 little boys, fave colour is pink (obvi), spirit animal is a dolphin, and I basically live for homemade chocolate chip cookies 🙂 

My loves include swimming at the lake, playing piano, sewing, dancing, doing yoga or learning something new.

Meditation is a big part of my life. Connecting to my Inner Self is the way I like to start and end my busy days with the kids & work.

So that’s a bit about me!

Now what about you?

I’ve empowered women all around the world…will you be next?

Your natural birth experience starts with taking the first step: EDUCATION. And that’s why you’re here!

Browse around and decide how you will use my page to empower yourself around your birth experience.