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Your Natural Birth could be the best experience ever…

But the LABOUR FUNNEL steals this rite of passage from mamas everyday

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What is…

The Labour Funnel?

Love Your Labour©
is created to help you avoid THIS 👇🏻

A medical protocol to monetize our sacred childbirth process

The Labour Funnel

Risk Factors ⚠️

  • Going Overdue
  • Water Breaking Early
  • Slow Dilation
  • Long Early Labour
  • Unideal Baby Position
  • PLUS *10* LYL Obstacles

Into The Funnel 💉

  • Induction with Pitocin
  • Unnaturally Hard Contractions
  • Get the Epidural
  • Contractions Slow Down
  • More Pitocin
  • Stronger Contractions
  • Fetal Distress
  • Vacuum, Episiotomy, Cesarean

Negative Impact 💔

  • Traumatizing & Disempowering
  • Inhibits Mother-Infant Bonding
  • Breastfeeding Difficulties
  • Higher Rate of PP Depression
  • Increased Risk for Future Births

Disrupting the Paradigm

OLD paradigm of birth

  • Fearful
  • Medicated
  • Painful
  • Risky
  • Dangerous
  • Requires a doctor
  • Traumatic

NEW Paradigm of Birth

  • Natural
  • Intuitive
  • Women-centric
  • Empowered
  • Safe
  • Family-centric
  • Fearless
Tap into this paradigm


Love Your Labour©

Be so confident that you’re

Module 1

Labour Prep

Prepare your body for the marathon it’s about to run! Soften your cervix, strengthen your uterus & situate your baby so they’re prepared for a smooth & efficient birth

Module 2

Partner Prep

Connect & bond through intimate labour preparation! Train your partner to know exactly what you need at each stage of labour so you feel loved, supported and advocated for.

Module 3

Breastfeeding Prep

Breastfeeding success is closely tied to birth experience! But it’s notoriously difficult to get right. This module will minimize nipple pain/damage and maximize your milk supply. You’ll feel confident right from the very first latch.

Module 4

Birth Prep

Important details for the actual birth experience! Now that your body, mind & partner are prepped, we need to discuss things like natural labour induction, knowing when to leave for the hospital, and how to push properly. You’ll feel READY & empowered as you head into the big day!

Module 5

Overcoming Birth Obstacles

TEN obstacles repeatedly trip women into the Funnel! Inside this module, I expose them all and reveal how to PREVENT them so you feel informed and in control.

Module 6

Birth Manifestation

Focus your thoughts, energy and emotions toward your dream birth! On top of all the naturopathic protocols, when you incorporate the principles of manifestation, you feel worthy, ready, and aligned with your best birth experience.

Why listen to me?

9 years of Post Secondary Education:
  • Bachelor of Science from Acadia University, majoring in Biology & Psychology
  • A 4yr Naturopathic Doctor program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, with a focus on prenatal & women’s health

A decade in birth work:

  • Four years running my prenatal Naturopathic clinic inside a midwifery office
  • Countless births attended as a Labour Doula
  • Almost 45 hours of my own natural labour experience across three births (C-section and 2 VBACs – one at home)
  • Nearly a decade of coaching an online community of thousands of pregnant LYL mamas through their own empowered natural births

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More Testimonials

LYL made me SO CONFIDENT in my own body! What a gift!
Every mom should do this program! This experience was amazing!
Labour progressed quickly with very little pain...pushed baby out in only 5 pushes!
LYL gave me a second chance to have the natural birth I desired...then it helped me build confidence for a homebirth
I'm always going to remember that day, I felt empowered and strong.

This is your only chance to birth this baby

You get one opportunity

Make it the smoothest & safest it can possibly be 💪🏻

On top of the program

You get to join a badass tribe;
a likeminded sisterhood

Corinne holds weekly Q&A coaching calls

You and fellow mamas can ask questions & get personalized answers


The LYL Protocols

Proven protocols for:

  • labour prep, induction, and pain management
  • prevention of common obstacles to natural birth
  • what to do if epidural / cesarean are necessary
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Love Your Labour

To protect your birth, you must know how to 👇🏻

  • reframe your mindset to cope well with contractions
  • prepare your body to have a smooth & efficient birth
  • train your partner to be your doula
  • naturally induce your own labour
  • avoid obstacles that lead down a slippery slope of interventions
  • focus your energy to manifest your dream birth

Love Your Labour© will OPTIMIZE your birth hormones & MINIMIZE risk of unnecessary interventions

Hover over each heading for a short description

Love Your Labour© includes:

Main Modules

  • Labour Prep
    to prepare the mind, dissolve your fear and learn about the natural birth process
  • Partner Prep
    to equip your partner with amazing techniques to support you in labour
  • Breastfeeding Prep
    to give you the breastfeeding foundations so you can bypass typical pitfalls
  • Birth Prep
    to naturally induce your labour, optimize pushing and minimize tearing
  • Overcoming Birth Obstacles
    to protect your natural birth by learning the most common obstacles mamas face; “predictable problems” to unnecessarily trip women into the Funnel.
  • Birth Manifestation
    to manifest your best birth experience by focusing your thoughts, feelings, and vibration; working with the mystical magical powers of the Universe.

LYL Protocols

  • Labour Prep Protocol
    The full protocol from the Labour Prep module with step by step details to prime your body for birth: soften the cervix, strengthen the uterus, and position the baby.
  • Gestational Diabetes Protocol
    Avoid GD with some alternatives to the orange drink, instructions to avoid a false positive result, and a Third Trimester Meal Plan to naturally balance blood sugar.
  • GBS Protocol
    Swab GBS-negative with this protocol by supporting your immune system and bioflora, thus reducing the risk of antibiotics negatively affecting you & your baby.
  • Natural Induction Protocol
    Corinne’s tried & true favourites to gently nudge the body into labour naturally, increasing the chance of avoiding Pitocin and other medical interventions.
  • Medical Induction Protocol
    Sometimes medical induction is necessary and this protocol helps you know your options and be empowered in your induction, should the situation arise.
  • Pain Relief Protocol
    However you fall into labour, you’re going to want these 7 pages of Corinne’s favourite natural pain management tips to get through contractions naturally.
  • Epidural Protocol
    If an epidural is necessary, you should have a roadmap for how to make sure it’s still an empowered & efficient birth, and this protocol helps you do just that.
  • Cesarean Protocol
    In the event you do see your birth heading for a c-section, you can stay empowered with this protocol to help make it a positive experience nonetheless.

Awesome Extras

  • Pain Training Bundle
    to help you dissolve and unpack the fear of pain so you can more easily manage the sensations.
  • Labour Partner Handbook
    to instruct your partner to be the best labour partner you could ever imagine *including* labour management acupressure!
  • The Milk Supply Guide
    to ensure you can bring milk in ASAP when baby's born and maintain for as long as you choose to breastfeed.
  • The Labour Induction Dance
    get movin and shakin to encourage your labour to get movin and shakin!
  • Love Your Birth Location
    learn how to safely and confidently work through the majority of your labour at home, even if you're delivering in hospital.
  • Hospital Birth Kit
    The hospital is where the labour funnel lives so it’s harder to avoid interventions there; this kit will help you advocate for your best birth in hospital, no matter what.
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