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Become an Affiliate

LYL mamas are always sharing the program with their sisters + girlfriends, so I created a program that rewards them for it!

How it works

Become an LYL Affiliate and you will receive a unique link to the on-demand 75min
Birth Empowerment Class.

This class holds massive value and pitches the LYL program – earning you commissions! 

As an affiliate, YOU will also have access to Corinne’s Affiliates Attract Abundance [AAA] Program!

AAA outlines 4 ideas for Affiliate biz models

Once you are in the Affiliate Program, you will receive as much support as you need to be successful. We are here for you, cheering you on, empowering you as you empower others!

Affiliate Commission Rate

LYL affiliates make a flat commission rate of 10% per $499 USD sale, which adds up quickly when you’re passionate about empowering pregnant mamas!

You will earn this commission on any sale made by someone who found us through your original affiliate link within 90days.

This is the perfect way to spread the positive karma, help other women become empowered in their births – and receive abundance in return!

Accepting Affiliates Now!