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Chapter 3

Why I Am...

Why I Am In Love With Birth

Even at two years old, I just wanted to be a mom.

I would carry around bags of milk and call them my cold milk babies! It was a whole thing, and it lasted for years.

Chapter 4

Birth is Big Business

Medical Monetization

According to these charts, birth is very big business for hospitals!

Source: “Inpatient Hospitalizations, Surgeries, Newborns and Childbirth Indicators, 2015–2016.” CIHI Snapshot, 2017.

Chapter 5

The Labour Funnel

Hospital Birth

This graph is a bit outdated now, from 2015, but the trends are worth noting. Look how every other country shows a decline in maternal mortality every year. Now look at the sharp, consistent incline the U.S.A.’s red line takes after the year 2000. That’s the year the Labor Funnel really hit its stride, but the upward trend of maternal death started back in 1987.

Source: “Explore Maternal Mortality in the United States | 2019 Health of Women and Children Report.” America’s Health Rankings, 2019.

Chapter 5

The Labour Funnel

The Risk Factors

Everything here inside the purple triangle is a risk factor for going into the Labor Funnel:

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Chapter 6

Rowan's Birth Story

Cesarean Birth

Baby Rowan got the OK from the NICU, so he was swaddled up and brought over to meet me. I was so happy he was finally here, but I was also still reeling from the trauma of what just took place.

I felt crushing guilt that, as his mother, I couldn’t hold, soothe, and welcome my baby in the first moments of his life.

Chapter 8

The Farm

Visiting Ina May

Before we left Ina May’s property, we met some of her animals and took pictures with her. We expressed our appreciation for her years of contribution and inspiration.

As we drove home, I solemnly vowed that I would commit to normalizing natural birth for other women the way this trip to The Farm did for me.

Chapter 11

Harvey's Birth Story

For Reals This Time

[My VBAC] was such a huge accomplishment for me, for us as a couple, and for sweet baby Harv who also worked very hard to make his way earthside.

That was THE most exhausted I have ever been in my life. It had been 36 hours since I had last slept, and I’d just completed a 14-hour marathon of labor. Kyle was laughing because I kept randomly falling asleep! Mid-sentence, mid-meal, mid-text message.

Love Your Labour

is creating a movement of positive, empowered
Badass Birth Goddesses

Chapter 12

Perception of Pain

Ecstatic Birth Is Real

In fact, it was such a highlight of my life that I had it professionally painted by the incredible Amanda Greavette. This picture hangs in my office and it still gives me goosebumps. You can see it on page 135 of this book.

Source: words are heading from Chapter 16: Vance’s Birth Story, in reference to this painting.

Chapter 14

Manifest Your Dream Birth

The Emotional Guidance Scale

This . . . is more than just a pretty diagram. Please don’t gloss over it, take the time to examine it from top to bottom and you will quickly grasp the value of it. Positive feelings are a higher vibration, as seen in the left-hand spiral. Negative feelings are a lower vibration, as seen in the right-hand spiral.

Source: “Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires”, Hicks, Esther and Jerry (Abraham). Hay House, ©2014.

Chapter 16

Vance's Birth Story

Our Universe Baby

This beach was making sweet love to our senses, we were feeling all the feels, and in a twist of oceanside fate we made a pact with the Universe: if we got pregnant again someday without trying, that would be the sign that it’s time to move our family from Ontario to the east coast!

Chapter 16

Vance's Birth Story

Ecstatic Birth Is Real

That first family-of-five early morning snuggle is a memory I will never forget. I loved to see that Rowan and Harvey were utterly unphased by the fact that I had their baby brother at home, in our bed, while they were sleeping. They never asked why I didn’t go to the hospital or have any medicine. They thought it was the most normal thing in the world. Because it is!