The BadassBirth Goddess

I always knew I’d be an author one day

But I didn’t know I’d birth two books within just 2 weeks of each other.

Badass Birth Goddess

Empower yourself, avoid the Labour Funnel, and make your dream birth a fabulous reality.

“The Badass Birth Goddess” is the perfect blend of natural birth advice from the head, heart, and soul perspectives.

Inside you’ll find an exciting mixture of fascinating natural birth physiology (that you need to know,) all of my three birth stories (and what I learned from them,) how to attract and manifest your dream birth experience (as I’ve done successfully)–and more!

Bringing Birth Home

Inspiration for Birth Beyond the Hospital

If you’re considering delivering your baby at home and wanting some empowerment, advice, and encouraging success stories, this book will speak to your soul.

Even more than your birth location, your experience in labour depends on your mindset. After reading this book you’ll feel mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually aligned to confidently take the leap for that dreamy home birth.

Bringing Birth Home was written in collaboration with 14 other authors with Wise Women Collective.