A Crash Course inNatural Labour Prep

You want to join LYL but feel short on time, money, energy
…or all 3!

Don’t worry mama, I’ve created something just you:

The LYL Crash Course!

Love Your Labour© is creating a movement of women who are taking control of their labour by educating & empowering themselves to give birth naturally.

With the Crash Course, you can get the specific need-to-know nuggets so you can easily get through the course before baby arrives.

The LYL Crash Course includes:


  • Partner Prep Videos
    Train your partner to be the best doula you could ever imagine!
  • Labour Partner Handbook
    VERY useful handbook to have nearby in labour. There's nothing for your partner to memorize – it's all in here!
  • Natural Birth Acupressure
    Acupressure has been used for centuries to induce and manage labour. I teach your partner all they need to know inside!


  • Birth Prep Videos
    Prepare for the natural induction and actual birth of your baby, optimize pushing and minimize tearing
  • Natural Induction Protocol
    All my favourite Naturopathic Labour Induction to tip you into labour naturally.
  • Labour Induction Dance
    Choreographed by your truly! It's super fun and it worked for me :)


  • Obstetrical Obstacles
    Protect your natural birth by learning the most common obstacles natural birth mamas face; “predictable problems” to unnecessarily trip women into the Funnel.
  • Hospital Birth Kit
    Some hospital-specific resources to help hospital birth mamas avoid the Labour Funnel.
Inside the LYL Crash Course,

you'll learn how to:

  • train your partner to be your doula and boost your Oxytocin
  • naturally induce your own labour and avoid the Labour Funnel
  • identify & avoid the predictable obstacles to your natural birth.