Conception ofLove Your Labour

Why was Love Your Labour created?

To help other women avoid the Labour Funnel…because I know from experience how heartbreaking it can be.

When I discovered I was pregnant for the very first time in 2011 as a Prenatal Naturopathic Doctor, expectations were high: I planned a beautiful, easy, natural home birth with my husband, a doula, my midwife and I’d have a natural 4-hour powerbirth, just like all the other women in my family.

But it didn’t go according to plan...

Discovering my baby was breech after 12 hours of natural labour was probably the most pivotal moment of my life. After a scary ambulance ride to the hospital and 12 more hours of natural labour, with sore swollen eyes and a completely broken heart, I finally welcomed Rowan into the world via C-section. 

I was happy, but also devastated by my difficult birth. I was in shock. Disbelief. Grief. Failure. Embarrassment. I hated having a scar. Healing was slow. I struggled to breastfeed. I cried a lot.

And amidst it all, I was terrified that things could go sideways again the next time I tried to give birth…

My confidence was shot.

I became obsessed with helping other women
avoid the same experience.

And that's what brings us together right now.


After my c-section, all I could do to ease my anxiety was obsessively research every naturopathic technique for how to OPTIMIZE the body for natural labour. I then developed a step-by-step system and used it with my pregnant patients in clinic. I coined it the “Four Step Natural Labour Prep System.”

I could hardly believe the wildly successful natural births I was seeing…

They were easy, empowered, all-natural births by

confident, empowered Badass Birth Goddesses!

Over the years, my clinical practice evolved into an exclusively online business, and the “Four Step Natural Labour Prep System” evolved into the online, members-only Natural Labour Preparation program, called:

I used this system while preparing for my 2nd birth and was able to achieve my all-natural VBAC in hospital.

I used this system again while preparing for my 3rd birth and was able to achieve the greatest accomplishment of my life: an empowered, healing, ECSTATIC home birth.


I loved my labour!

What makes me qualified?

  • Nine years of post secondary education including:
  • An undergraduate degree from Acadia University, double major in Biology & Psychology
  • An intensive four-year Naturopathic Doctor program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, focusing on prenatal care, women’s & children’s health
  • Four years practicing as an active Naturopathic Doctor, running a Prenatal Naturopathic Practice within a midwifery clinic, helping pregnant women achieve their ideal births
  • Many births attended as a labour doula for ten years
  • Almost 45 hours of my own natural labour experience in three births (one C-section, two VBACs: one at the hospital, one at home)
  • Years of coaching an online community of thousands of pregnant LYL mamas to prepare for and induce their own empowered natural labour experiences.

Love Your Labour© is creating a movement of women who are taking control of their labours by educating, equipping & empowering themselves to give birth naturally.

Do you have any questions?