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Manifest an ecstatic natural birth experience

WITHOUT unnecessary medical interventions

Love Your Labour©

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If you are birthing with an OB or midwife …
PREPARE to avoid the predictable + preventable Labour Funnel
especially if you’re giving birth in hospital

Love Your Labour© empowers you

with step-by-step protocols to opt out of mainstream birth medicalization and INSTEAD manifest your ecstatic dream birth experience



With Love Your Labour© you will:

  • reframe your mindset to cope well with contractions
  • prepare your body for a smooth & efficient birth
  • train your partner to be your daddy doula
  • understand breastfeeding and basics of the latch
  • naturally induce your own labour
  • avoid obstacles that lead to more interventions
  • focus your energy to manifest your dream birth

LYL provides customizable naturopathic protocols + weekly group coaching throughout your pregnancy and labour prep journey

This is Love Your Labour©


  • Labour Prep
    to prepare the mind, dissolve your fear and learn about the natural birth process (*comes with Labour Prep Protocol)
  • Partner Prep
    to equip your partner with amazing techniques to support you in labour (*comes with Labour Partner Handbook)
  • Breastfeeding Prep
    to give you the breastfeeding foundations so you can bypass typical pitfalls (*comes with Milk Supply Guide)
  • Birth Prep
    to naturally induce your labour, optimize pushing and minimize tearing (*comes with the Labour Induction Protocol)
  • Overcoming Birth Obstacles
    to protect your natural birth by learning the most common obstacles mamas face that unnecessarily trip women into the Funnel.
  • Birth Manifestation
    to manifest your best experience by raising your birth consciousness, feelings, and vibration to align with your dream birth.


  • Labour Prep Protocol
    The full protocol from the Labour Prep module with step by step details to prime your body for birth: soften the cervix, strengthen the uterus, and position the baby.
  • Gestational Diabetes Protocol
    Avoid GD with some alternatives to the orange drink, instructions to avoid a false positive result, and a Third Trimester Meal Plan to naturally balance blood sugar.
  • GBS Protocol
    Swab GBS-negative with this protocol by supporting your immune system and bioflora, thus reducing the risk of antibiotics negatively affecting you & your baby.
  • Natural Induction Protocol
    Corinne’s tried & true favourites to gently nudge the body into labour naturally, increasing the chance of avoiding Pitocin and other medical interventions.
  • Medical Induction Protocol
    Sometimes medical induction is necessary and this protocol helps you know your options and be empowered in your induction, should the situation arise.
  • Pain Relief Protocol
    However you fall into labour, you’re going to want these 7 pages of Corinne’s favourite natural pain management tips to get through contractions naturally.
  • Epidural Protocol
    If an epidural is necessary, you should have a roadmap for how to make sure it’s still an empowered & efficient birth, and this protocol helps you do just that.
  • Cesarean Protocol
    In the event you do see your birth heading for a c-section, you can stay empowered with this protocol to help make it a positive experience nonetheless.


  • Pain Training Bundle
    to help you dissolve and unpack the fear of pain so you can more easily manage the sensations of labour.
  • Labour Partner Handbook
    to help your hubby be the best labour partner you could imagine *including* BIRTH PARTNER ACUPUNCTURE POINTS!
  • The Milk Supply Guide
    to ensure you can bring milk in ASAP when baby's born and maintain for as long as you choose to breastfeed.
  • The Labour Induction Dance
    get movin and shakin to encourage your labour to get movin and shakin!
  • Love Your Birth Location
    learn how to safely and confidently work through the majority of your labour at home, even if you're delivering in hospital.
  • Hospital Birth Kit
    The hospital is where the labour funnel lives so it’s harder to avoid interventions there; this kit will help you advocate for your best birth in hospital, no matter what.
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Checking In

Is LYL Right for You?

Tell me: do you want to EXPERIENCE👇🏻

  • an unmedicated birth with an OB or midwife?
  • a sense of calm confidence in your birth?
  • your partner feeling excited to be your strong, loving doula?
  • empowering protocols to prevent medical interventions?
  • an ecstatic love-at-first-sight moment with your baby?
  • ease, bliss and empowerment leading into motherhood?
  • faster postpartum healing and easier future births?


Now tell me: do you want to AVOID👇🏻

  • being tripped into the Labour Funnel of interventions?
  • a hasty, rushed, time-pressured birth experience?
  • fear mongering into additional tests and monitoring?
  • doctor using medical jargon trying to confuse you?
  • the birth team not respecting your birth choices?
  • a dramatically increased risk of cesarean?
  • birth trauma at the hands of the medical system?

The Labour Funnel of medical interventions is impossible to avoid if you’re not aware of it!

Protect yourself + your baby

Love Your Labour© empowers you with natural modalities such as:

Herbs 🌱 Acupressure 👉🏻 Homeopathy ⚡️Supplements 💊 Diet/Lifestyle 💪🏻

INSTEAD of all those risky medical interventions!

These protocols work together + support your natural birth process for an ecstatic natural birth experience

No matter where you are in your pregnancy,
the time to start prepping is NOW 💯


Over $2000+ value,
Join Love Your Labour today for just

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A Birth Coach

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A decade of experience guiding mamas to their dream births:

  • Former Prenatal Naturopathic Doctor + Labour Doula
  • Creator of the Love Your Labour© program
  • Birth #1: planned homebirth turned cesarean
  • Birth #2: VBAC @ hospital
  • Birth #3: VBAC @ home
  • Author of The Badass Birth Goddess
  • Host of the ReBirth with Corinne Brown Podcast

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