The New Mama Manual

Your natural birth is covered . . . but what about your postpartum?

I've got you, mama!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Inside NMM:

Module 1Postpartum Pointers

Tips to help you in the immediate postpartum:

  • My take on newborn interventions (vitK, eye drops, HepB)
  • ​Preventing, identifying, and naturally treating Postpartum Depression
  • ​How to heal the perineum or cesarean section scar in the early days

Module 2Rookie Parenting

Tips to help you & your partner survive & thrive:

  • Tried, tested and proven relationship advice (including re-discovering sex!) with your partner
  • ​How to soothe your newborn like a pro (even if you’ve never even held a baby before!)
  • Veteran parenting hacks I’ve learned about baby bums: diapers, rashes, homemade wipes and powders, and more!

Module 3Infant Immunity & Vaccination

Tips to support the immune system for lifelong health:

  • The 4 quadrants of the infant immune system that you can start supporting and developing from day one
  • All the objective info to make an informed decision about vaccinations
  • Five different alternative vaccination schedules & a mini detox plan to help minimize the risk if you choose to vaccinate your little one

Module 4Breastfeeding & Baby Bellies

Tips to nourish your baby the right way (for you):

  • Dive deeper into troubleshooting breastfeeding troubles
  • ​Decode the infant gut and learn how to easily soothe tricky infant gas
  • ​Which formulas are gentlest for baby belly, if you’re not able to breastfeed or need to supplement with formula

Module 5New Mama Sleep Secrets

Tips to get the most sleep in the early days:

  • Hear my interview with infant sleep expert Dana Obleman
  • How to get your baby’s days and nights turned around so you can actually get some rest when the sun’s not shining!
  • How to recognize baby’s sleepy cues (and what to do about it!)

Bonus Content

Get The New Mama Manual Today and You’ll Also Get These Amazing Bonuses…
  • Infant Acupressure Handbook
  • Corinne’s Doozie Smoothies
  • The Infant Crying Guide
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