Sounds in Labour

Last week we talked about the movements of labour so now you know how to move in labour – CHECK ✅

But what about how you’re supposed to SOUND?!

This is a BIG question & concern for lots of mamas – Am I going to be a screamer? Am I going to sound like a cat in heat?

Yes and yes. LOL, actually maybe you’re not…not everyone does. There are no hard & fast rules here about what you’re SUPPOSED to do, it’s all about what brings you relief.

I shot this week’s video not so you can mimic these sounds. But instead, because you should have an idea of what to expect, sound-wise, and what it tells you about where you may be in your labour.

I can describe it til I’m blue in the face, but how do you describe a sound?! You don’t, you imitate it 🙂

Do you know which sounds are good sounds in labour? Which sounds are bad? What you should focus on to make sure your sounds aren’t working against you?

You don’t need to be climbing up the walls screaming, but making certain strategic sounds in labour can help you relieve pain, progress more efficiently, and feel more satisfied during your contraction. It’s true! Powerful stuff.