Wine in Pregnancy

When my mom was pregnant with me, her doctor told her to go home and have a glass of wine at the end of the night…every night! She says she didn’t take that advice, but I’m sure she must have had a glass here & there. 

Alcohol in pregnancy is discouraged these days because when people used to drink throughout their pregnancies, babies were being born with fetal alcohol syndrome. Obviously the baby is most at risk of harm during the early stages of the pregnancy when there’s tons of development happening. 

So when it comes to a glass of wine, a good rule of thumb is to be safe and avoid alcohol entirely in the first and second trimesters. Then in the third trimester, you could make a pretty good case to justify enjoying a glass on a special occasion or nice dinner. 

But there’s one time when I’d actually ENCOURAGE a glass of wine…which I discuss it in this week’s episode!